Fürbergstraße | 1st Place

„Creating a generous social environment, with forsight and mediates communal life”

Excerpt from the project description

The design of the development responds in a refined way to the layout of the site, the exising buildings and the requirements of public spaces. The emissions from the train tracks are opposed by a linear structure, which however is interrupted by a kink which leads to the heart of the neighbourhood. In the neighbourhood, there are point buildings that convey in their geometry, orientation and scale to the neighbouring structures. This leads to an independent form, a high quality of an interior space for the residents and the neighbourhood with targeted views to the surrounding mountain landscape.

At the neighbourhoods interior, there is a sensitive gradation from the private open space – with apartments with private gardens – to the semi-public district square in the center of the development. Common areas and shared spaces a juxtaposition between the private and semi-private areas to create and stimulate communication in the neighbourhood. The planting of large trees are indeed realistic, since the center of the neighbourhood is kept free of cars by having an underground car park! The spaces spanned by the point houses are defined by use of different kinds of shared green spaces, playgrounds and common areas.