Lanserhofwiese | 2nd Place

„The fundamental idea is the grouping of small neighbourhoods
in the surrounding green space – share green together“

Excerpt from the project description

Characteristic of the village typology is a juxtaposition of public and semi-public open spaces, diverse access paths, communal ground floor areas and a variety of housing types with high-quality private open spaces. The village consists of 2 elongated main structures (collars) with attached roof boxes. This collar, acts as an urban gesture, are specifically places on one side an thus defines the space, create axes and directions. Simultaneously the courtyard step into a dialogue with each other.

Good neighbourhoods require space in which the community can unfold and develop. The project offers different impuls generators for the neighbourhood. The central common elements of the urban setting are their respective courtyards. The spatial enclosure creates a protected semi-pulic outdoor space that, with commual gardens, seating, etc., become a place of coexistence with a high sense of identification. Landscape planning and design: YEWO LANDSCAPES e.U.