Agricultural Technical College Tamsweg

It is also positive that the “face of the agricultural school Tamsweg” is preserved.
The new project will integrate very well into the environment and become an energetic showcase building. “

Sepp Eisl, Agricultural officer at

The existing agricultural school has been extended to cater a boarding school with community and secondary spaces and a gymnasium. The existing building on the hill on Preberseestrasse dominates the remote image of Tamsweg. The design has managed to preserve the characteristic silhouette of the old building and to integrate the annex harmoniously into the landscape.

A generous forecourt and was built on the top of the sunken gymnasium which offers an interaction area for the entire school. The angular, three-storey structure of the student residence nestles against the slope edge and surrounds the greened open space.

All rooms are oriented to southeast or southwest, the lounges offer a view over Tamsweg; views through and in between the individual floors allow the corridors to be experienced as an exciting spatial structure.

The bedroom in a cube form designed as timber construction and is separated along a protective concrete shell from the adjacent slope. An essential part of the design concept is to show that timber construction (walls and ceilings) in its visual quality and thus giving an atmospheric effect in the interior spaces.


New boarding school with gymnasium
Carinthia Timber Const. Award 2013 | Honorable Mention ; Salzburg Timber Const. Award 2015 | Honorable Mention
Land Salzburg
Preberstraße 7, 5580 Tamsweg
about 3.100 m²


Civil Engineer
DI Josef Koppelhuber
Building Physicist
DI Eduard Böhm
Mechanical Engineer
Ingenieurbüro Lackenbauer
Electrical Engineer
ET Salzmann
Andrew Phelps
Art within architecture - Ingrid Schreyer