“The landscape is included as a whole
and can thus be vividly experienced and made usable as built spatial and social quality.”

Wolfgang Schwarzenbacher

A free distribution of the buildings without closed or blocked outer space creates a visual and physical permeability from north to south. Great attention is paid to the design of these green areas, which are becoming increasingly important for the quality of living. The green areas are differentiated into private, semi-public and public areas; an abundance of public squares, play areas and utility zones contributes to a functioning community.
Most of the apartments are designed as ‘living through’, they are ‘naturally illuminated’ from the living room to the kitchen, from east to west. Generous windows and balconies open up to the southeast and southwest.

The conception of a development with favourable energy consumption values was already designed in at the competition level. The compact design (good ratio of external surface to the heated volume) provides the basis for the efficient use of innovative and ecological building technology (360 m² solar panels, 5-storey buffer storage, and biomass heating and controlled domestic ventilation).