Childcare Center Bergheim | 2nd Place

“The development focuses on the edge of the settlement area and the addition to the “Bergheim Education Campus”- and at the same time provides a view and transition to the adjacent landscape.”

-Excerpt from the project description

The access is from the “upper level of the village”. A forecourt, which offers space for the various movements of the arriving children – on foot, by bike or motorized. The nursery and kindergarten have a common access area, but two separate entrances. A common spacious room for events can be created by merging the eating areas.

The square dives under the building and also connects the access via the lower level. All group rooms are equally oriented and sunny, to the south or east. The roof over the continuous terrace provides effective shading. The terrace is accessible for each group directly from the checkroom and forms a weather-protected open space layer to the garden.