Freiraum Gneis

“Architecture creates the necessary structural framework in which we move.
Without architecture, human society would be unthinkable.” 

Jürgen Tietz

The Salzburg Gneis district is located south to the old town of Salzburg, is characterized by the transition from a former rural development to densely populated residential areas and mixed with spacious green areas. The residential development clusters caters to all phases of life and it’s completed with shared spaces and supervising facilities. The urban typology orientates to the existing development structure in the south and complements its direction to the north. For reasons of soundproofing, the development on the eastern side is as closed off as possible, while the arcades are designed not as a narrow connecting corridor, but designed as extended community spaces and meeting areas. On the quiet west side, individual buildings are situated to the rhythm of the existing buildings along the Alm canal and allow a smooth transition to the adjacent green areas.

The inner spaces of the clusters are connected and accessed via a continuous boulevard, with widened squares all within walking distances. Tree shaded wooden decks, raised flower beds, playgrounds and private gardens create various social neighbourhoods and promote social interaction. The large common room is located on a central interface to these outdoor areas and opens to the “village square” for community festivals and etc. The care facilities are attached to this central area and accessible from both the courtyard and the street.


Residential development with 130 accommodation units
1st Place | Competition 2012
Salzburg Wohnbau und Bärgründe Projektentwicklungs GmbH
about 11.800m²


Civil Engineer
Marius Consulting
Building Physicist
Kommunal Service Salzburg
Mechanical Engineer
Haustechnik Scherzer GmbH
Electrical Engineer
Kommunal Service Salzburg GmbH
Freiraum+Landschaft Stöckl
Andrew Phelps | Christoph Reich
Fire protection - Golser technisches Büro GmbH