Low-Energy-House Spaurweg

“The design should be consistent with the material chosen for ecological and living psychological reasons,
wood is a a sensitive and restrained, Integrating into the delightful scenic and urban surroundings.”

Excerpt from the project description

The construction site at the foot of the Gaisberg demands a special mastering of the attractive topographical situation. The residential complex consists of four terraced units with shared underground service rooms and blends into the existing villa-like family house structure, while taking into consideration and the use of the hillside location.

The compactness of the building forms the essential basis for the realization as one of the first low energy houses before the development of the passive house were a standard. Access to the houses are from the basement floor, the living area above is designed as an open floor plan, transversely exposed and ventilated. The open staircase solution enables the spatial experience of all three floors.