Sport and Social Center Straßwalchen

“Building according to ecological principles as well as the latest state of energy technology creates a mission statement
for the youth and minimizes the burden on the environment.”

Excerpt from the project description

As a model for the future development of the town Strasswalchen in 1993 a two-stage competition for the social, sports and school center Strasswalchen was awarded.

The first phase of the construction was the retirement home, which was awarded the Austrian solar prize “eurosolar” in 1998. The second phase was the Ecological secondary school with the attached triple gymnasium and the outdoor sports facilities.

The school is conceived as a house of the future, where the building itself is a teaching tool. One of the first large-scale PV systems has been integrated into the south façade, whose solar energy gains are displayed in the school foyer.

A high sense of identity of the town is achieved with the urban integration of the home for senior citizens, the school and the sports center. The contemporary design to the implementation of the architectural details convey a building culture to the fellow citizens.