Senior Citizen’s Home Gmünd

„We meet a decidedly friendly house, the unequivocal, prioritized and competent, dedicated to the welfare of its inhabitants”

Excerpt from the jury protocol of the Kärntner State building prize 2004

The two-storey structure blends into the surrounding buildings and leaves the visual link to the castle and church. The building is embedded in the green space of the gardens. A generous square is designed in front of the main entrance which also serves as the center for the Riesertratte district.

The atrium offers a protected center and speaks to the psyche of the elderly, where they are able to regulate their contact to the outside themselves. This open vertical connection, in the context of the entrance area and common areas, characterizes the interior experience of the building.

The corridor areas receive a lot of natural light and are extended with small seating areas. The building is not divided into single beds, but can be experienced as an ‘entire’ house and can be monitored easily by the staff. The majority of the housing units are oriented to the southeast and the southwest. The interior design is designed to create the most homely atmosphere possible for all living and recreation areas. The use of wood in the interior as well as in facades, terraces and awnings increaces the homely feel. The materials used are locally available and used in a contemporary way.


Senior citizen's home with 52 beds
Carinthia State Building Price | 2004
Sozialhilfeverband Spittal an der Drau
Riesertratte 45, 9853 Gmünd in Carinthia
about 6.100 m²


Civil Engineer
DI Klaus Gelbmann
Building Physicist
Mechanical Engineer
TB Lakata
Electrical Engineer
Paul Ott